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 2005.109.02-Americana Place-Full Set (2023-08-30).pdf Planning Board

 Zoning Board 

Documents for Active Zoning Board Applications

Documents for Active Planning Board Applications

PB-23-003 QTS - 159 Princeton Hightstown Road

QTS application.pdf 

QTS Complete.pdf 

02.45330.Preliminary.Final Major Site Plan QTS PJC-DC1 EW Phase-2.5-4-2023 Arc.Light.Land.pdf 

2023.07.13 - Phase 2 - Site Plan submission - Exhibits.pdf 

45330 Overall Site Plan.pdf 

L0-0-00 Overall - Ph2_100sc_PB_COLOR-C-C.pdf 

L2-2-01 Planting - Freedom Park - Ph2_10sc_PB_COLOR-C-C.pdf 

L3-0-01 Site Section Existing - Ph2_PB_COLOR-C-C.pdf 

L3-0-02 Site Section Proposed - Ph2_PB_COLOR-C-C.pdf 

QTS East Windsor Traffic letter 230308 (002)(146176481.1)-C.pdf 

Site_ Landscape_ and Architectural Plans and Engineering Report (3.16.23)(143865143.1).pdf 

SLR Sound Modeling Tech Memo - QTS - PJC1 Project v2 (003)(146176087.1)-C.pdf 

L3-0-02 Site Section Proposed - Ph2_PB_COLOR_REVISED_07.28.2023-C.PDF 

PB23-002 Katsifis Realty LLC, Katsifis Family, LLC Pre/Fin Site Plan

 Katsifis Realty_Family_ LLC - Exhibits A-1 to A-10(146241813.1)-C.pdf 

2005.109.02-Americana Place-Full Set (2023-08-30).pdf 

2005.109.02-Americana Place-O_M (2023-08-30).pdf 

2005.109.02-Americana Place-SWM (2023-08-30).pdf 

2005.109.02-Geotech Report.pdf 

2005.109.02-RENDER-CROSS SECTIONS.pdf 









PB23-004 Shiseido America

16 Site Plans.PDF 

PB23-001 PVP Exit 8 Urban Renewal, LLC 

Rev 7 Site Plans.pdf 

 2021-07-19 Boundary and Topo Survey.pdf 

2023-10-02 - Profeta - East Windsor - Exhibit A-5 - Overall Vehicle Circulation.pdf 

2023-10-02 - Profeta - East Windsor - Exhibit A-1 - Aerial Map Exhibit.pdf 

2023-10-02 - Profeta - East Windsor - Exhibit A-2 - Constraints Map.pdf 

2023-10-02 - Profeta - East Windsor - Exhibit A-3 - Overall Site Plan Rendering.pdf 

2023-10-02 - Profeta - East Windsor - Exhibit A-4 - Development Area Rendering.pdf 

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