Tax Assessor

The Assessor’s office values all real property in the municipality for the purpose of tax assessments, prepares the tax list, maintains records of every parcel, is responsible for maintaining the community’s tax map and aids in educating the public about the assessment function.

The Property Taxpayers' Bill of Rights

NJ Homeowner's Guide to Property Taxes.pdf

The assessment notices (Green cards) will be mailed in late January or early February. The taxes billed for 2018 stated on this card should NOT be used as an indication of actual taxes paid during 2018 for income tax purposes. This figure will not include any taxes you may have pre-paid prior to the end of the 2018. As always, this figure also does not account for any changes to your taxes during the year as the result of a tax appeal or added assessment, nor does it account for any homestead rebate you may have received.