David Larkin
Construction Official
16 Lanning Boulevard
East Windsor, NJ 08520
609-443-4000 ext. 202

The East Windsor Township Code Enforcement Department is comprised / divided into 4 departments / sections:

  • Code Enforcement / Uniform Construction Code (UCC)
  • Bureau of Fire Prevention
  • Zoning
  • Commercial Maintenance

The Code Enforcement / Uniform Construction Department is comprised of:

  1. Director of Inspections Construction Official Building Subcode Official Building Inspector
  2. Technical Assistant
  3. Fire Subcode Official
  4. Electric Subcode Official / Electric Inspector
  5. Plumbing Subcode Official / Mechanical Subcode Official, Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector

The Code Enforcement Department performs the following duties:

  • Receives & processes construction permit applications.
  • Performs plan review per current adopted codes for compliance (building, electric, fire, mechanical & plumbing).
  • Prices out & fees up construction permits.
  • Issues permits.
  • Collects all construction permit fees.
  • Schedules & performs all required & requested inspections in a timely manner.
  • Issues certificates of occupancy / continued certificate of occupancy /  certificates of approval.
  • Tracks all outside agency third party elevator inspections & fees. Answers & investigates all construction code complaints & inquiries.
  • Reports all monthly construction activities & fees to the Department of Community Affairs (DCA).
  • The appointed Building Subcode Official, Roman Petruniak, responds to all emergency calls & fire calls as requested & needed by the East Windsor Township Fire Companies & the East Windsor Township Police Dept. on a 24/7 basis.

The EWT Bureau of Fire Prevention:

  • EWT Fire Prevention Official
  • EWT Fire Prevention Inspector

The first function of the EWT Fire Prevention Bureau is the yearly scheduling and performing of all required & NJ State mandated fire & safety inspections, collection of fees & recording these inspections for all commercial & industrial business establishments throughout East Windsor Township. The second function is the scheduling, performing inspections, collection of fees, recording these inspections & issuance of certificates for the certification of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms & detectors & fire extinguisher compliance prior to the sale of all single family residences, condominiums and for rental tenants for the same in individually owned units.

East Windsor Township Zoning Department:
The EWT Zoning Officer is responsible for the enforcement & regulations of the Township of East Windsor Land Use Law, as it pertains to the EWT Zoning Ordinance Chapter #20.

East Windsor Township Commercial Maintenance Department:
This department enforces The Township of East Windsor Land Use Ordinance Chapter XVII: Commercial and Industrial Maintenance Code.   As per Chapter 17-1, The Township of East Windsor finds that certain unsafe, unsanitary conditions tend to occur at various commercial and industrial facilities in the township unless proper maintenance procedures are followed.  The duty of the EWT Commercial Maintenance Inspector is to enforce these procedures.