Retail Food Licensing

No person shall operate a retail food establishment without a license from the East Windsor Township Health Department. A retail food establishment shall include any fixed, mobile, or temporary operation where food is served, handled, or provided to the public, whether for charge or not.

For further information and determination of fee payment, please click on the “ Retail Food License Application ” or the “ Temporary Retail Food License Application .”

Please see more information here - Letter to Retail Food Applicants

There is a $500.00 Plan Review fee. Please make check or money order payable to the East Windsor Health Department. For more information, please contact the Health Department at (609) 443-4000 ext. 222.

For information concerning the opening of new retail food facilities, please see information below:

If you are thinking of opening a new Retail Food Business, altering an existing Establishment; or taking over an existing Food Establishment please be aware of the following process:

Step One:

Please contact Mr. Tod Fryer at the East Windsor Municipal Utilities Authority (E.W.M.U.A.) to discuss the requirements for grease trap/interceptor options for your Establishment.  Mr. Tod Fryer’s office is located at 7 Wiltshire Drive in East Windsor, and he can be reached by calling him at (609) 443-6000, ext. 7606.  You are required to provide the Health Department with a photo static copy of Mr. Fryer’s sign off/approval as part of your application process to the Health Department.

Step Two:

Please submit to the Health Department the following items:

  • Completed Retail Food License application
  • 1 copy of your proposed menu
  • 1 complete set of your sealed Architectural Plans to include the floor plan layout of of all of your equipment, electrical/lighting specifications to include foot candles of illumination; plumbing diagram to include all indirect waste connections, floor, wall and ceiling coverings and an equipment legend to be numbered to correspond to exact locations as specified  on your floor plan design.
  • 1 bound set of numbered specification sheets which correspond to the equipment legend on the floor plan design and matches the numbering system on the plan design.
  • A photo static copy of a letter of intent with an approved solid waste management management company that will provide your establishment with waste pick up and covered garbage dumpsters.
  • A check or money order made payable to the East Windsor Health Department for $500.00 for the plan review fee.

Upon completion of a successful review through the E.W.M.U.A. and the Health Department you should submit your Architectural drawings to East Windsor Construction Department. For further information please contact Mr. Jason Gorski, Construction Official at 609-443-4000 ext. 202.