One Stop Permit Processing

The Steps to Opening or Expanding Your Business in East Windsor Township.

The first and last stop, the ONE STOP, to doing business in East Windsor Township is the Township’s Business Ombudsman. Call the Township's Business Ombudsman at (609) 443-4000 ext. 246.

Whether a business approaches the Ombudsman directly or approaches the Township through another department (e.g., Planning/Zoning or Inspections), the Business Ombudsman will follow through in the development application and permit process in guiding and assisting business.

When current or potential East Windsor business are dealing with either Township departments or outside agencies, the Ombudsman will offer the following services:

  • Provide detailed information on permits required and on forms, procedures, and timetables for obtaining such permits;
  • Provide specific contact information (name, position. telephone number, address) at each permitting department or agency;
  • Call and arrange introductions or meetings, if requested;
  • Attend meetings with the business and the agency, if requested;
  • Monitor agency response;
  • Intervene on behalf of the business to obtain timely processing, if requested;
  • Other trouble-shooting assistance as needed; and
  • Get business feedback on the permit process and how it might be improved.

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