East Windsor Township Adopts No Tax Increase 2020 Municipal Budget Same Municipal Rate for Eight Consecutive Years From 2013 Through 2020

Mayor Janice S. Mironov announced that the adopted 2020 East Windsor Municipal Budget again contains NO TAX INCREASE.  Thus, the 2020 municipal tax rate component remains the same for eight consecutive years, at the rate of 43 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for the years 2013 through 2020.  For the average current residential assessment of $258,747, the 2020 municipal tax is $1120.  The Municipal Budget contains additional funds allocated for health department and other extra expenses associated with the current CoVID-19 circumstances.

Mayor Mironov stated, “This no tax increase budget is a fiscally conservative budget document which well serves our community and retains all existing service levels.  East Windsor has worked hard to keep our spending levels tight and continually seek out additional efficiencies, cooperative purchasing avenues and service sharing opportunities, and maintained a very low debt level.  This positive outcome results from the pro-active efforts of the Township to carefully plan and to closely monitor expenditures and revenues throughout the year.”

Mayor Mironov further noted that, “the 2020 municipal budget is the result of continued cost savings and revenue generating measures, as well as reflecting that East Windsor has been highly pro-active and successful in supporting and expanding existing business and attracting new commercial ratables.  The Township 2020 tax base has increased by over $5 million, generating new revenue with the addition of several new stores and additional pharmaceutical space.  

Mayor Mironov added, “For eight consecutive years, East Windsor Township has had no tax increase, and yet we continue to deliver a very high quality level of services to our residents.  The East Windsor municipal component of the total local property tax bill remains at less than 15%, and is among the lowest amounts in the entire region and well below the statewide average.”

East Windsor Township Mayor and Council Members also have been proactive and successful in obtaining multiple grant awards to fund local projects, without burdening local taxpayers.   Many roadway projects received grant funding to underwrite needed work, including $393,575 for the resurfacing of Dutch Neck Road and Morrison Avenue and $600,361 for Exeter Road and surrounding roadways from the New Jersey Department of Transportation.  East Windsor Township also received a significant $1.7 million grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation Local Freight Impact Fund Grant Program for the construction of an alternative truck route from Wyckoff Mills Road to improve local circulation and provide access to the New Jersey Turnpike and major local roadway networks.  Several major projects also received grants, including $1.4 million in grants for the expansion of the East Windsor Senior Center, and a $450,000 grant from NJDOT Local Bikeway Program for the extension of the Union Transportation Trail.  

The 2020 municipal budget of $22,521,600 represents a very modest 0.37% increase from the 2019 approved budget of $22,437,174 and includes an additional $100,000 in funding toward health and public safety to address the health emergency.  The 2020 municipal tax levy amount is well below the available state cap levy amounts.  It is noteworthy that while the Mayor and Council have introduced a no tax increase budget, the available tax levy allowance would have allowed a further increase of an additional 7.5 cents on the municipal tax rate.

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