East Windsor Township Honors Volunteers On Boards And Committees

Mayor Janice S. Mironov provided Certificates of Appreciation to Volunteers completing a term on Township boards and committees, recognizing and honoring their service to East Windsor Township, at the 2020 East Windsor Reorganization Meeting.

Mayor Mironov praised the Township volunteers, stating that “East Windsor Township is blessed with many people who have come forth to volunteer their time and are a part of our municipal government family.  These individuals do a wonderful job bringing their skills and interests to the table and providing many ideas for our consideration and their assistance in implementing many of those ideas.  We are proud of our volunteers and their level of involvement in our community, and their support has been an important part of our governance that we hope to see continue in 2020.”  Mayor Mironov added, “We encourage residents to volunteer to serve on a Township board or committee, to obtain a better view of how our local government operates and to share with their local officials their thoughts and suggestions.” 

Volunteers recognized by Mayor Mironov were Michael Bailey (Zoning Board of Adjustment), Ronald Balint (Environmental Commission), Caroline Berdzik (Zoning Board of Adjustment), Simon Berman (Planning Board), Anthony Catana (Planning Board), Tanya Dmytrow (Environmental Commission), Gloria Golbert (Commission on Aging), Douglas Greene (Clean Communities Advisory Committee), David Illuminate (Zoning Board of Adjustment), Kelly Klein (Economic Development Committee), Vandana Mathur (Clean Communities Advisory Committee), Linda Melchor (Heath Advisory Board), Marc Platizky (East Windsor Municipal Utilities Authority), Magregoir Simeon (Economic Development Committee), Deborah Thomas (Commission on Aging), George White (Economic Development Committee), and Gary Wroblewski Environmental Commission).

Mayor Janice S. Mironov recognizes volunteers to East Windsor Township Boards and Committees for their service.  Pictured (from left to right) are:   Douglas Greene (Clean Communities Advisory Committee);  Gloria Golbert (Commission on Aging);  Mayor Janice S. Mironov;  Anthony Catana (Planning Board);  Marc Platizky (East Windsor Municipal Utilities Authority), and Ronald Balint (Environmental Commission).

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