East Windsor Township Awarded $1.7 Million Grant From New Jersey Department of Transportation For Alternate Truck Route from Wyckoff Mills Road To Access New Jersey Turnpike and Roadway Networks

Mayor Janice S. Mironov announced that, upon application by Mayor and Council, the New Jersey Department of Transportation Fiscal Year 2019 Local Freight Impact Fund Program awarded East Windsor Township a $1.7 million dollar grant for the construction of an alternative truck route from Wyckoff Mills Road to access the New Jersey Turnpike and major local roadway networks.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation Local Freight Impact Fund (LFIF) Grant Program is a competitive grant program, created as part of the 2016 reauthorized Transportation Trust Fund.  The purpose of the state program is to fund municipal and county projects that emphasize and enhance the safe movement of large truck traffic, renew aging structures that carry large truck traffic, promote economic development and support new transportation opportunities.  

Mayor Mironov and Council Members submitted a grant application for the proposed construction of the “Probasco Road Freight Bypass” as an alternate route for trucks to travel from Wyckoff Mills Road to access the New Jersey Turnpike and major local roadway networks.  The Probasco Road Freight Bypass is intended to identify and construct an alternate truck route, to reduce the number of trucks on Probasco Road which serves many residential homes, and enhance safety conditions for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.  

Mayor Mironov stated, “Wyckoff Mills Road has developed into a major commercial area, featuring several new facilities for companies including Modway Furniture, AJ Madison and Barsan Logistics, and has become a prime area of interest for developers looking to establish operations in East Windsor Township.  While such major development in the Township is exciting, these projects result in increased truck traffic along shared residential streets, most significantly Probasco Road, which provides access to many homes in the Twin Rivers development.  The Probasco Road Freight Bypass is proposed as a potential solution to address concerns regarding increased traffic on neighboring roadways and thereby enhancing safety conditions for residents in the area.  This significant project also would provide a major improvement for businesses in the area, allowing companies more direct access to the New Jersey Turnpike and major roadway networks.” 

The New Jersey Department of Transportation received 59 applications requesting more than $85 million for the FY2019 LFIF Program.  Of the applications received, 25 grants were awarded, totaling $30.1 million dollars in funding.  East Windsor Township received one of the largest grants in the program, representing 5.6% of the $30.1 million dollar total and ranking in the top five funded projects statewide.  The significant $1.7 million dollar State grant will support local efforts to identify and construct an alternate truck route in this area.

Mayor Mironov noted the value of the substantial grant amount, stating “We are extremely grateful for this award by the NJDOT, as this large grant will help make it possible for the Township to undertake efforts toward such a significant project and work to develop a viable and effective solution which would have a tremendous positive impact in effectively serving the goals of the entire community.  East Windsor Township has become a major center for economic development, and we are appreciative that the NJDOT recognizes the critical role that our infrastructure plays in creating appropriate transportation networks and advancing the establishment of new business.”

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