Womanspace 2018 Communities of Light, East Windsor Municipal Building, 5PM

Dec 03, 2018 at 05:00p.m.

Mayor Janice Mironov, joined by Womanspace Executive Director Patricia Hart and Domestic Violence Victim Response Team volunteers, proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, praising Womanspace and the Domestic Violence Victim Response Team “for their commendable efforts in focusing attention on the important community subject of domestic abuse and providing support and resources for abuse victims.”

Mayor Mironov stated, “East Windsor was the first municipality in Mercer County to step up and establish a Domestic Violence Victim Response Team with the help of Womanspace and the East Windsor Police Department, for which East Windsor received the Womanspace President’s award for the initiative.”  Womanspace Executive Director Patricia Hart stated that East Windsor then became the model for the other municipalities in Mercer County as well as the State.  
Mayor Mironov’s Proclamation reads, "The East Windsor Domestic Violence Victim Response Team and Womanspace have provided a coordinated community response that has served hundreds of local residents during its years of operation, and has improved many lives in our community by advocating the importance of victim safety as well as accountability for abusers.  The pro-active commitment by East Windsor Township through its Domestic Violence Victim Response Team and Womanspace visibly demonstrates to our residents and surrounding municipalities that we are united in combating domestic violence and that it is unacceptable to our entire community."

Mayor Mironov and Township officials further kicked off East Windsor Township’s participation in Womanspace “Communities of Light” to take place on Monday, December 3, encouraging residents and local groups to join in and support this event, geared to raise funds and awareness of domestic violence and services available to victims.  Mayor Mironov stated, “We hope that our participation will help focus public attention on the important subject of domestic violence and to encourage residents to become more aware of support efforts available to victims and families.  As a community, we wish to express our strong support for organizations like Womanspace and our local Domestic Violence Victim Response Team and to recognize the important assistance they provide to victims of domestic violence.”  She added, “the lighting of luminaries is a unique means of increasing local awareness of the ongoing presence of domestic violence in all of our communities and to serve as a symbol of hope for all those who struggle with violence in their homes.”

Mayor Mironov called on all residents and businesses to participate by purchasing candles and gathering with local officials and police on Monday, December 3 at 5 p.m. to light up the East Windsor Municipal Building, followed by refreshments.  Citizens can participate by purchasing luminary kits, containing six candles each, for $10 at any time at East Windsor Police/Municipal Court Building (80 One Mile Road) or the East Windsor Municipal Building (16 Lanning Boulevard) and bringing luminary kits to the event.  All proceeds will go 100% directly to Womanspace, the primary Mercer County organization providing a comprehensive array of services to individuals affected by domestic violence and dedicated to improving the quality of life of abuse victims and their families.  For further information, call (609) 448-5678, ext. 231.

Location: East Windsor Municipal Building
Contact Phone: 609-448-5678 x231